Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is one of the most important items to consider with your website. We consider this in every site we develop, and have since 1995. The key is being able to gracefully scale to different size browsers for your devices.  If it doesn’t scale, you can very quickly lose key, mobile traffic.

Responsive Website Design is the answer to creating a mobile app for your website. Soon after the iPhone came out, there was a big push to turn your website into an app. I always thought this was an incredible waste of time. We started creating website templates for the smaller screen many years ago. But then, you needed to create a completely separate site in a smaller size. Now, we don’t need to and the benefits are huge.

See for yourself by making your web browser as narrow as your phone.

Responsive Websites are:

Mobile-friendly – More than 10% of all website users are doing so on a mobile device. And this number is only getting higher.

User-friendly – The viewer is seeing your real website, only in a scaled down version that’s much easier to read, interact with and use. And you only have one content base to manage.

More relevant – Mobile users want information quickly and easily. Quickly get them the info they want while there out looking or they’ll go somewhere else.

SEO optimized – The same search engine optimization you use for your main site will work for the responsive, mobile optimized version of your site. So, you only need to optimize once.

Much less expensive and cost-effective – Creating apps is a waste of time and money. It’s also a waste of your user’s time that you’ll never get back. Once a user can’t get to your site easily, you’ve lost them.

Faster – You won’t waste your user’s time making them download an app that they probably won’t download anyway.

Your site will always perform with a responsive web design.

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