Search Optimization

We will optimize your website in a manner that results in increased organic search engine exposure via content and structure research and modifications.  We’ll also maintain a profitable search optimization program that consistently converts to a positive return on investment.

Typical Results:

  1. Greater Search Engine saturation (Google sees more of your pages).
  2. Greater link relevancy (Google see your pages as more important, especially if we move into the Link Building phase).
  3. Better quality score for your pages (Google sees your pages as more prominent and truly related to your business).
  4. Higher Search Engine rankings for all of your pages.
  5. More traffic and more business!

Search Engine Optimization involves our team manipulating your site to ensure that it is optimized, accessible and ranked by Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Our Search Optimization process includes:

  1. Initial ranking report for the major search engines based on existing keyword list.
  2. Content and copy analysis
  3. Technology and structure analysis
  4. Keyword analysis and research for optimal keyword phrases
  5. Content editing on key pages
  6. Create optimized page titles and meta tags.
  7. Analysis and optimization of internal linking structure.
  8. Sitemaps XML file creation.
  9. Regular maintenance and monitoring.