Social Media

Our social media marketing goals are designed to allow you to better participate in the conversation that already exists between you and your customers. We’ll show you who’s talking about you and what they’re saying and give you the tools to follow and participate.

We’ll start with an analysis of your current efforts and standings and develop a custom strategy of a full, well rounded social media campaign to drive more new and repeat visitors to your site.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is your conversation to the public in which you engage to enhance your brand and increase your business.   Some may tell you that it’s about using only Twitter or a blog or Facebook or Search engine optimization or pay per click because you have to, but really, It’s All About the Conversation and how you’re conversing with your customers and potential customers?  There are 3 responses that you will typically get from your clients.

  1. They like you.
  2. They don’t like you.
  3. They don’t care about you.

Which one is worse?

Number 3 is the worst and indifference is the hardest thing to overcome.  As they say, there’s no such thing as bad feedback.  I’d rather hear from a client who was upset than not hear from one who was indifferent.  Indifference is explained well here by Fast Company.

They take it one step further in defining who’s behind your conversation:

The one thing people respond to is other people. So instead of focusing on your shiny new blog or cool new Facebook app–the place to start is to figure out who will be the people behind it. Find the individuals who will be interacting on behalf of your brand in social media, and then give them the tools and support to do it well. All the companies that get credit today for doing social media well–Zappos, Dell, Comcast–have all become comfortable with letting individuals from their company become the faces for their brand. These are the voices that I often call “accidental spokespeople.” Within them is the real secret to using social media to be a brand that actually matters: offering a real human connection.

This is what I do.

  1. Build a comprehensive social media strategy for your business combining the perfect combination of search and social networks
  2. Implement this strategy while maintaining your brand integrity
  3. Be an active part of your team to build the conversation
  4. Help you with your messaging.
  5. Help promote and enhance your brand.

I truly believe that customer acquisition is half the problem and customer conversion is the other half.  Both can be drastically improved with the right social media marketing campaigns and we will help you get it right.