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Everything we do is focused on acquiring the right customer, keeping them on your site and getting them to act.

    Search Marketing

    Our search marketing consulting services can help turn your online goals into reality. It’s about knowing your best audience and then finding the best way to increase online visitor traffic and how to get those visitors to take some defined action. We’ll help you figure this out.

    Search Optimization

    We will optimize your website in a manner that results in increased organic search engine exposure via content and structure research and modifications. We’ll also maintain a profitable search optimization program that consistently converts to a positive return on investment.

    Social Media

    Our social media marketing goals are designed to allow you to better participate in the conversation that already exists between you and your customers. We’ll show you who’s talking about you and what they’re saying and give you the tools to follow and participate.

    Google Apps

    As a Google Apps reseller, we'll make sure your Google apps accounts are set up correctly and that you're not charged for services you don't need are won't use. Google Apps is an incredibly powerful too that can change how your business operates.


    We take the guesswork out of selling online. We've built online stores for some of the more famous brands before you could download one. We know what goes into selling online and delivering a quality product to your customers.

    Wordpress Security

    The prevalence of hackers in the internet is growing daily. Some days it feels like it’s not a matter of “if” your website will get hacked, but “when.” Don’t be one of them. Let us help secure and back up your WordPress website.

Online Marketing

We're one of Denver's most experienced internet marketing firms and a Google Partner.

Since starting business in 1997, we've worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects driving millions of visitors and millions of dollars of revenue to client businesses.

We've worked on projects for practically any industry you can imagine and completely understand the commonality between industries and brands and unique distinctions that drive successful online marketing campaigns.

Every day we work in Google Analytics and Google Adwords creating and tracking campaign progress. Whether these campaigns are optimizing websites and content for search engines or creating and optimizing ads, keywords and campaigns for pay-per click campaigns or creating content for social media promotion or a combination of everything, it's what we do every day.

We understand how connected your business is to your life and we'd love to talk about how we can help make a difference in your business and and improve your life.

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Cloud computing subscription model out of the box proactive solution.

Contact us anytime. We'd love to talk about how we can improve your business online.

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  • Mar, 17

    Internet Safety Podcast

    Several months ago I was contacted by Jackie Flynn about my experience with internet safety for kids, the book I wrote about it and presentations that I give to parents, teachers and students.  Her goal was to create a podcast for her series Parenting in the Rain. The podcast came out really well! Jackie has a […]

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    Feb, 22

    WooCommerce Hooks

    Adding functionality to specific locations on WooCommerce is fairly easy to do. With a little bit of planning and learning about Hooks and how to add them to config.php, you can do a lot. I recently needed to add a message to cart to tell users in Canada that in order to purchase, they can […]

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  • Feb, 12

    Online Marketing’s Recipe for Success

    There are definitely some things I’ve learned in almost 2 decades of online marketing, ranging from tracking conversions and click through rates to setting up analytics and advertising campaigns to marketing and SEO for hundreds of clients and projects. But there really is one, single equation to keep in mind when looking to boost your […]

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    Dec, 27

    Using Personality Tests in Place of Good Management is Bad Management

    Over the years I’ve come across several managers and companies that rely heavily on employees taking personality tests so they can learn about them and then how to manage them.  Not too long ago I worked with someone who, in my opinion, relied on them entirely too much. While it’s interesting trying to define people and put them into […]

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