Affirming feedback from our clients

“I just wanted to thank you all for everything you’ve done for us in the past eight months. Working with all of you has been a real pleasure. You’re all very professional yet fun to work with. My questions were always answered quickly and without any attitude. And you always seemed willing to teach me things I didn’t know, which has certainly made my job easier.”

“When we came to you in January our experience with development teams was less than stellar. We had experienced so many difficulties working with another company that we were somewhat skeptical about the entire process. You have proven to me that not only can our needs be met but the entire process can be very enlightening.”

“You listened to our needs and gave us a product that fulfills every one of them. Together I think we’ve created an incredible site and a process that is easy for our vendors to understand. I would happily recommend you to anyone interested in developing a website.”

“I particularly appreciate the personal attention I feel from your entire staff. My thanks go to everyone for making this past year so successful for ASA Events and for building on a solid long-term relationship.”

“You are the BEST, Mark!! I’m am seriously blown away by how quickly you can make these changes and make everything look so fresh and clean and fully functional!! You’re AWESOME!!”

“You helped us extend our budget and publish sites that exceeded our expectations and made a strong impression on our client sponsors at Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes, Honda, and Slim Jim. I’m also appreciative of all of the dedicated time and effort that went into migrating our server infrastructure to a better-performing and lower-cost solution. I have always felt you are looking out for us.”

“I was greatly pleased on multiple projects that we were able to translate a vision into reality and what you said you would do, you did.”

“Our decision to use your firm again was a good one. We valued the experience we had together working on the Colorado Outward Bound School website over the past several years and the projects we worked on for the national organization, OutwardBound USA. Now that the Colorado school and the Pacific Crest school have merged to become OutwardBound West, we needed a partner that knows us and that we can trust during this fast-paced and exciting time for our organization.”

“Summit Design has been a dream company to work with. The combination of artistic design and technical know-how you provide have allowed the Department of Natural Resources and its divisions to modernize our web presence. The result has been more visitors to our web sites, these people are visiting more often, going to more pages, and staying on the site longer.”

“I’m writing to let you know how excited we are about the new website Summit has developed for OutwardBound West. It looks great and functions well and suits our needs perfectly.”

“We had a reasonably good vision to start with, and Summit was great at asking questions and helping us focus that vision. They then did a good job of coming up with a graphic design that helped us grab our customers.”

“The number one thing that keeps me working with them is that I know that I can always get a response that’s personable, knowledgeable and accurate. I love the fact that I can call up Mark or Steve and get some answers.”

“I was very pleased with the work Summit did for us. We had a short timeframe (of course!), and they came through.” “Our decision to use Summit again was a good one”

“They developed a total site overhaul for me at one point in which they built a dynamic website, with an admin interface to allow multiple users to update the site, cart, content and user management, customer interaction system, and all the related pieces, which was awesome.”

“The best part of the experience was the fact that Mark was not only easy to work with, but he was on top of things.”

“Summit Design has consistently provided our company with top-quality service and excellent support.”

“I particularly like the web-based content management system you have developed for us. It’s so easy to use and will save us time and money on the gargantuan project of managing the several thousand pages of content we publish.”