Simply put, I want clients to succeed.  While success is somewhat objective, I believe it comes from honestly engaging your customers and building a solid, unique plan of attack for each business’s internet marketing efforts.  There’s really no magic to a successful internet marketing campaign.  All it takes is a well thought out plan to make sure you’ve got the right mix of social media, search engine optimization and marketing and content development.  I have no secrets here; I’ll tell you everything we know and make sure that you have all the info you need…  Including how to do it yourself if you want.

I don’t believe that Twitter or any one program is the single key to success. Successful internet marketing is a strategy of combined efforts across many different programs to take advantage of the benefits of each and ignore the ones that don’t work.  A good way to think about this is via the Pareto Principle which states: “for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”

What this means is that I look for the smallest combination of internet marketing tools that will create the largest effect on your business.  Do you really need to be in every single social media outlet that exists?  Even the ones no one has ever heard of?  Neither do I.

You may or may not be a part of any social media right now, and you may not want to be. But don’t worry, I won’t push you into something that isn’t a good match for you.