WordPress Security

wordpress security

We can develop and manage your WordPress security plan with:

  1. Daily on-site backups
  2. Weekly off-site backups
  3. Malware scanning and detection
  4. Malware cleaning
  5. Managed updates and installations
  6. Security audits and recommendations
  7. Secure hosting

The prevalence of hackers in the internet is growing daily.  Some days it feels like it’s not a matter of “if” your website will get hacked, but “when.” Don’t be one of them.  Let us help secure and back up your WordPress website.

We will set up systems to daily protect and monitor your WordPress website for hackers and malware and if any is detected, we’ll clean it too.  We’ll also set up daily and weekly backups and send full weekly backups to our secure, offsite storage and make recommendations for further security enhancements. All of this for a low monthly fee.

Imagine if you suddenly find yourself without a website because it got hacked or the server crashed. What would you do?  How soon could you get back up and running?  Not soon enough, I’m sure.

It’s a fairly simple process to get started.  Give us a call, or fill out the form below:

We can also perform a security audit on your WordPress installation and configuration and make initial changes and additions, and then make recommendations for further action to secure your website.  Give us a call or fill out this quick form below and we’ll be in touch asap. And, if your site is hacked right now, contact me right away and I’ll let you know how we can fix it.

Website Backups & Security Request

Please let us know how we can secure and back up your website today!

** A couple important notes.

  • The backups are based on a standard, self-hosted, WordPress solution. Other hosted environments can be managed, but will require a conversation and potential pricing differences.
  • Pricing may be variable if your site is especially large.